But offering this in Africa is difficult…..

Most e-commerce platforms are focused on building their own brands

  • Be listed next to your competitors
  • Have limited access to your customer data
  • Inability to control your brand experience

Okay, so build your on-demand channel in-house?

  • Custom solutions are expensive to set up and run
  • Managing multiple providers is complex
  • Last-mile logistics requires specialized expertise

If only there was an on-demand provider with an integrated solution that:

  • Offered white-label e-commerce platforms tailored to your business with minimal start-up or operating costs
  • Allowed you to retain your customer data and offered analytics for more effective marketing
  • Included a logistics fleet with proven track record of same-hour delivery times
  • Was supported by a customer service team to operate the entire delivery process with minimal input from your organization

The Swyft Solution

Ordering Platforms

Launch a web and mobile marketplace for your products using our advanced on-demand ordering platforms

  • Fully white-labeled to your brand specifications
  • Pre-built modules for a variety of industries
  • Low startup and maintenance costs suitable for any business size

Logistics Platform

All of our orders are processed through Swyft’s centralized delivery logistics platform to efficiently assign and track orders

  • Live tracking of deliveries sent to customers
  • Ability to provide customized proof of delivery (signature, photo, QR code, etc.)
  • APIs allow easy integration with your existing ordering platform

Delivery Fleet

Our flexible delivery fleet is able serve clients across multiple industries, giving us the scale and flexibility to achieve same-hour deliveries in the most challenging environments

  • Drivers are trained and managed to strict customer service standards
  • Able to integrate and manage your existing fleet, allowing you to right-size in-house assets and avoid wasteful overhead

About Us

Swyft is the B2B subsidiary of Yum Deliveries Group, a pioneer of on-demand e-commerce in Africa. With nearly
five years of operating experience across four markets on the continent, Swyft is ideally positioned to
 help companies build their e-commerce & on-demand channels. We currently serve some of the world's premier brands with our operations in Kenya and South Africa.

Swyft was launched to provide client-centric solutions to the toughest challenges of delivery in Africa.
We are always looking for new and creative ways to apply our expertise in technology, logistics, and
customer service to help our clients grow sales and get better insights on their customers. Get in touch today
to see how Swyft can support your business!

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